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ATM 10 set 2 - c A secondary rainbow is created when the...

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Darren Pinder ATM 10 H.W. Set #2 October 19, 2009 1. a) Two cloud types that are associated with rain are cumulus and nimbus clouds. b) Nimbus clouds are usually associated with severe weather such as thunderstorms. c) Cumulus clouds look like heaps and rolls while nimbus are precipitating 2. 3. a) These illusions are called mirages which appear when hen light rays emitted from a source or reflected off an object are bent, as the path of the light ray crosses air layers of different densities. Different layers of air density occur with hot ground surface temperature and a layer of cooler air above it. b) Secondary rainbows are taller because the differing angles of color cause the secondary arc to be outside of the primary arc.
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Unformatted text preview: c) A secondary rainbow is created when the light is reflected twice before emerging from a raindrop. The reflection causes this rainbow to be less bright than the primary rainbow. d) Halo’s are an optical phenomenon produced by ice crystals creating colored or white arcs and spots in the sky. A glory is created when a cloud backscatters light. The glory can only be seen when the observer is directly between the sun and cloud refracting water droplets. A heiligenschein is created from dewy grass as dew droplets act as lenses that focus the light on the surface beneath them. These illusions look like a halo being viewable on an individuals shadow. 4. a) Stable b) Stable c) Neutral d) Unstable...
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ATM 10 set 2 - c A secondary rainbow is created when the...

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