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Darren Pinder ATM 10 H.W. #3 November 18, 2009 2. a) When caught outside with these golf greats, it is best to inform them that if they feel no tingling they should head inside to the club house as soon as possible. However, if they feel the tingling they should hit the deck and make themselves as small as possible as to minimize possible damage from a strike b) When inside you should avoid and turn off some of your electrical appliances as well as avoid using the phone. 4. a) Lightning appears to flicker due to the return stroke. During a lightning strike as many as 20 return strokes can occur one after the other creating the flickering look. b) Heat lightning is lightning or lightning-induced illumination that is too far away for thunder to be heard. c) The lightning is 1.2 miles away. Measures such as moving inside during the incoming
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Unformatted text preview: storm are encouraged at this point although the lightning struck over a mile away. d) Red sprites are large, red, weak luminous flashes that occur simultaneously with lightning strokes, and typically occur over anvil portions of thunderstorms. The eyes cannot detect blue jets. However, using low-light television systems they have been observed to extend upward from the cloud top in narrow cones with speeds of 100 km/sec. 5. The updrafts and downdrafts in a storm cause the particles to be cycled by being blown upwards into the anvil of the storm, falling in the downdraft, captured by an updraft again, and so on. During each cycle the hailstone accretes ice crystals and water droplets. This is why hailstones have a layered structure....
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