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ATM 10 special assignment

ATM 10 special assignment - low-pressure zones with them...

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Darren Pinder ATM 10 A03 Special Assignment September 30, 2009 a.) When I was younger growing up in Los Angeles I experienced an El Nino season. It rained heavily for a couple months but at the same time, temperatures were higher than normal for a winter. Flooding and landslides occurred all across the greater Los Angeles area. b.) I believe that this weather anomaly occurred due to change in wind patterns in our region. After taking ATM 06 I now realize that the trade winds falter in the Pacific giving rise to warm subsurface waters that head towards North America. These warm waters usually bring
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Unformatted text preview: low-pressure zones with them. Low-pressure zones are characteristic features of areas with heavy rainfall. c.) Three sever weather or unusual atmospheric events I find intriguing are tornadoes, hurricanes, and hailstorms. I find tornadoes interesting because they rarely occur in California. Events that lead up to hurricanes, which are pivotal in predictions, are becoming more important in today’s society. Hailstorms are exciting because I want to learn how a frozen droplet can fall at a fast rate without melting....
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