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hiea 129 final evidence - HIEA 129 Final Consort Fu Hao...

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HIEA 129 Final Consort Fu Hao Kenneth J. Hammond, The Human Tradition in Premodern China – The Royal Consort Fu Hao of the Shang Haapanen combines citations from original inscriptions of oracle bones to reconstruct Fu Hao in first-person voice Oracle bones found in Shang capital city Fu Hao is one of the few women in premodern China about whom it is possible to develop this kind of information- tomb excavated and knowledge from written record to give fuller image of her life and times (1) “Our ancestors know that I am needed. I am the granddaughter of Nan Geng, the wife of the King. They have faith in their descendant. They have watched over my training and prepared me for these journeys; why would they disapprove of me this time?” (2) I was raised to be one of the fus (consorts) in the King’s court. My parents made sure that I had the necessary education to live the life of a queen. They expected much from me. Before me, the fus coming from the Zi clan had always been known for their loyalty, courage and abilities. My parents wanted to make sure that I would not disgrace them. And I didn’t. (3) My father enjoyed hunting. He often took me and my younger brother with him. I remember the day I was able to present my first catch tour ancestors. It was only a small rabbit, but I was so proud! My mother was standing beside me while I prepared the rabbit as a meal for her to present in the family shrine. I was old enough to prepare the meal, but not quite old enough to enter the shrine. (3) He does not understand that I need a burial worthy of a representative of the Zi clan when I become an Ancestress. I have to show respect towards my parents and my Ancestors. They have made me who I am. (4) My mother harbored ambitions of my even becoming a queen some day, so she took great care in preparing me for the duties of a queen. I learned how to prepare bones for divination as well as how to prepare whole sacrificial meals. (5) All that I wanted to do was to practice military skills with my father and my younger brother. The slaps on my fingers and wrists did not help to direct my concentration to my mother’s words and instructions. She soon realized that the only way to make me learn was to promise to let me join my father and brother if I did well. After we finished inside, my mother often joined us (5) My father was a great man. He never became king even though his father had been the head of the house of Shang. (6)
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hiea 129 final evidence - HIEA 129 Final Consort Fu Hao...

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