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Changes in the civil society and social movements in democratization in S. Korea Changes in the civil society o Korean society from 2008 – Lee Myung Bak government is Neo-Conservative o Trajectory of change in politics in Korea o As ruling government changes, it changes the context of civil society and social movement o Therefore the civil society and social movement change in response to new ruling party Under dictatorship – anti-dictatorship movement Democratic reform Under anti-communist regime in the 1950s Strong controlling state – extremely thwarted civil society and
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Unformatted text preview: underdeveloped market Development state in 1960s and 1970s • economy grow rapidly with support of strong controlling development state • repressed civil society – oppositional activated • Changes in the social movements in the democratization o Relation between democratization and social movements Dictatorship means unique regime in which institutional political arena and movement space is restricted and harshly repressed • Ex. Taiwan – no national election in years • Transformation of the movement into institutional politics •...
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