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mmw final study guide - FINAL STUDY GUIDE Midterm Info...

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FINAL STUDY GUIDE Midterm Info DARWINISM AND THE SCIENCE VS. RELIGION DEBATE · Evolutionary theory as such, theory of common descent - man descending from common ancestor - Very controversial at the time, evolution, gradualism, species definition - We are all the same species if we can make babies with each other, but we have the same origins contribution to race and heredity science later on · Darwin’s contribution: natural selection - different adaptations to nature to survive - Survival of the fittest RACIALISM, RACISM, ANTI-SEMITISM · Biology and racial theory - hereditary discoveries and science playing into the role of race vs. species and intermarriage - classifications of species, race, etc. - race = subcategory of species · Racialism vs. racism - Racialism: social thinking that accepts race as an important category - Fichte: even though he never describes race and ethnic groups, Emotional foundation in early 19 th century - Race: physical appearance and intellectual traits. Passed down through emotional foundation in earth 19 th century. - World under racialism from late 18 th century to early 19 th century Racism: social thinking that accepts race as an important category and uses that category with hostile intent against particular groups - defining certain groups and using them as a vehicle of hostility and distinguishing them for particular reasons
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o Jews: racism, profiling o NY Times: Jews Concept of Race: Immanuel Kant and Fichte · Modern anti-Semitism - Jews considered to be a separate race of their own. Anti-Semitism (semi-half/subpar: more tribal feeling) - Examples: o Karl Marx: On the Jewish Question o Wilhelm Marr: The Victory of Judaism over Germandom o Eugen Duhring: The Jewish Question as a Race, Custom and Culture Question o Houston Stewart Chamberlain: Foundations of the Nineteenth Century o Dreyfus Affiar o First Zionist Congress, Basel, Switzerland o Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion ZIONISM · Proto-Zionism in Russia: Moshe Leib Lilienblum
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mmw final study guide - FINAL STUDY GUIDE Midterm Info...

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