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mmw reading part two

mmw reading part two - READINGS AFTER MIDTERM...

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READINGS AFTER MIDTERM SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM (forgot to put this in last study guide) MANIFESTO OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY – Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels o Rise of communism because o Communism is already acknowledged by all European powers as a power o Should be openly acknowledged by the world o History of bourgeois and proletarian struggle o Bourgeois – elite upper class (business class) ; proletarian – working class o Always struggle of oppressor and oppressed in opposition o Bourgeois class rose as a new social class and new kind of oppression o They reduced family values to money relation o Bourgeois made occupations like paid wage labors o Bourgeoisie exploit world market; created big cities and made economy dependent on towns o Concentrated property is in few hands o Laborers are vulnerable to fluctuations of market o Proletarian = modern working class o Whole historical movements are concentrated in hands of bourgeoisie o Proletarians are becoming more concentrated and growing with strength o Growing competition has made wages fluctuates; rise of unions against bourgeois and rioting to keep wages up o Proletarians are without property o All previous movements by minorities; now we need a proletarian movement which is actually a movement of the majority and would disrupt social strata o Laborers are sinking deeper into low class o Proletarians victory is inevitable o Proletarians and communism o Communists are the same as proletariats o Communist – most advanced of the working class and their aim is to overthrow the bourgeois o Communism wants the abolition of bourgeois property which means the abolition of private property o Communist theory – abolition of private property Reason – having capital = social power If all property is common – property loses its class character Separation of classes because some people have property and some do not o Private property does not exist anyway for the rest of population so there should be no problem of abolishing private property o Communism allows women to be equal o With communism, class distinctions will disappear ANALYSIS: Marx & Engel criticize bourgeois because they are associated with capitalism which causes concentration of property and wealth in hands of few while the labor class suffers under fluctuating prices and wages of the market. They call for the labor movement (proletariats) to join the communist movement as a new labor movement. There is always a class struggle but
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what makes this class struggle different is that the class that is revolting is a MAJORITY (the working class) not a minority (like bourgeois during French Revolution against the aristocrats). This is why Communism will succeed and change the social strata because the working class will abolish the idea of private property and social class.
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mmw reading part two - READINGS AFTER MIDTERM...

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