ECON 1 w11 syllabus - ECON 1 UCSC/Winter 2011 DAVID E. KAUN...

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ECON 1 UCSC/Winter 2011 DAVID E. KAUN TEXTS Krugman and Wells, Microeconomic , 2 nd edition, Worth Pub. 2009 Class Reader OPTIONAL Wall Street Journal or any other regular news source VERY OPTIONAL David Evan Kaun, RU$$IA (a novel ) ************************************************************ estimated number of class meetings 2 Introduction KW, Chs. 1-4; 3 Individual Demand/Market Demand/Elasticity KW , Chs. 10 and 6 (through page 158, skim remainder; 2 Production in the Firm KW Ch. 12 1 Perfect Competition KW , Ch. 13 1 Monopoly KW , Ch. 14 Ch. 5 1 Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly, KW Chs. 16 and 15 3 Labor Markets and Unions KW , Ch. 20; 3 Poverty and Inequality KW , Ch. 19 (579-89) 3 Pollution/Environment, KW, Chs. 17 and 18 3 International Trade KW , 2 Role of Government KW , Ch. 7; 2 Open 1 Sermon: On the Value of Money and How to Live Your Lives Contacting Kaun: Best done vie e-mail ( ). Office Hours TBA
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Written Work and Other Matters Weekly exams Three in-class exams will be given as scheduled, covering material through chapters on market structure. Questions will be based on the assigned problem sets, text chapters, and on lecture material. Final Exam : The final exam will cover material from the second half of the course, and will be given as scheduled. Sections During the first half of the quarter: The expectation is that you will have done the problem sets, and checked the answers in the reader prior to coming to section. The purpose of the section-tutorials is for you to clear up any questions that you might have about the problems sets, readings or lecture. Credit will be given for students attending section with problem sets completed in advance. We will have section meetings during the second half of the quarter. These too, however, will differ from the normal section. See extended discussion below (pp iv-v). Class Web-Page
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ECON 1 w11 syllabus - ECON 1 UCSC/Winter 2011 DAVID E. KAUN...

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