econ 80a lecture 2 - MARX INTRODUCTION (please note: page...

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Unformatted text preview: MARX INTRODUCTION (please note: page references below may not be relevant for your edition of Capital: I will indicate section, etc. during lecture) Smith writing only at the beginning of the industrial revolution....Marx about 100 years later a similar way to Polyani (later in the course), Marx asks the question not about growth (Smith proves correct), but rather, why the ACCOMPANYING POVERTY AND MISERY.... Marx can be seen as an economist (student of Ricardo) in the narrowest sense, but his analysis is, and remains (i.e., Marxists today) far broader-- sociological, historical, psychological, with a strong dose of philosophical concern regarding HUMAN NATURE.....WHAT ARE WE, HOW ARE WE FORMED???? HERE HE FOCUSES MUCH MORE ON THE SOCIAL- EMPHATIC-SELF FULFILLING, RATHER THAN THE NARROW SELF-SEEKING EMPHASIS OF THE 18/19TH CENTURY LIBERAL TRADITION GOOD TIME TO READ HIRSCHMAN (passions and the interests) MARX SEES CAPITALISM AS A SYSTEM WHICH BRINGS OUT THE WORST AND STIFLES THE TRUE NATURE OF MEN AND WOMEN, RATHER THAT A SYSTEM WHERE IF LEFT ALONE TO PURSUE LESS THAN WONDERFUL OBJECTIVES, PEOPLE NEVERTHELESS PRODUCE WHAT IS BEST FOR SOCIETY (IN TERMS OF MAXIMUM PRODUCTION OF GOODS AND SERVICES---i.e., a la Smith s Invisible Hand) HOW DO WE COME TO BE WHAT WE ARE????....MARX SEES HUMANS AS BEING A PRODUCT OF, AND AT THE SAME TIME REPRODUCING TO SOCIAL SYSTEM, .WITH THE MAJOR EMPHASIS OCCURRING THROUGH WORK-PLACE RELATIONS....IN PARTICULAR, THE SOCIAL SYSTEM'S PARTICULAR FORM OF SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS ESTABLISHED AT WORK...SOMETHING THAT IS, IN THE MOMENT, TECHNOLOGICALLY DETERMINED....
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econ 80a lecture 2 - MARX INTRODUCTION (please note: page...

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