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MCDB 40 Dr. Christiane Meyer Winter 2010 Lecture 5 – HIV Life Cycle Clinic 3: You should be generally familiar with Sherri Lewis’s personal story. Remember that the questions below should help you focus your studying but all lecture material is fair game. See the first study guide for more information on the book and study suggestions. Study Questions Lecture 5 – HIV Life Cycle HIV life cycle in detail – describe the processes in detail and include the ‘major players’* and note the location of each process: 1. Explain adsorption and penetration. 2. Explain what happens next in the cytoplasm - include unpacking and reverse transcription (this latter process was discussed in detail!) and what happens to the product of reverse transcription. 3. Explain the processes that take place in the nucleus (you should know this but just in case: include integration and the first part of biosynthesis). 4.
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