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40W10StudyGuideWeeks4-6 (1) - Overview of Material for Exam...

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Overview of Material for Exam 2 MCD Bio 40 – Winter 2010 Lecture 7 – The Immune System (also see the last few slides from Lecture 6) Lecture 8 – Peggy Farrell: Discrimination and Law Lecture 9 – HIV Testing Lecture 10 – Clinical Course and Treatment of HIV/AIDS Lecture 11 – Adherence & Evolution of Drug Resistance Lecture 12 – AIDS Denialism (all parts of Origins & Diversity of HIV will be covered by the final exam) Clinics 5 & 6 – You should be familiar with the two movies you watched (“Philadelphia” and “And The Band Played On”), especially in the context of the discussion questions (see handouts). We discussed the early history of the epidemic in the US in the context of “And The Band Played On”. Also keep in mind that you need to be up to date on the readings in You should use both the lecture slides and your notes to find the answers to the questions/prompts below. You need your notes especially when I created definitions, explanations, tables etc. on the blackboard. Also remember that you can refer to the audio recordings on www.bruincast.ucla.edu to review the lectures. I expect you to know the material at the level discussed in lecture. This is why I take my time in lecture and give you plenty of opportunity to ask for clarifications. Study Questions Lecture 7 – The Immune System 1. Just briefly: do you understand the basic function of the lymphatic system? 2. List the main response systems of the immune system; one of them has two branches. 3. What is the difference between the innate and the adaptive immune response? 4. What types of things do the cell-mediated and the antibody-mediated branches fight? 5. Define antigen (as we used it in class). 6. Explain in detail how B cells are activated. Be specific about all different cell types involved and include the activation of any other necessary cell types as applicable. 7.
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40W10StudyGuideWeeks4-6 (1) - Overview of Material for Exam...

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