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1Philosophy 22 - Kant Handout (1) The problem: how to account for the unconditional nature of moral obligation: that morality authoritatively directs action without regard to natural feelings and motives, and we are able to act as it commands. (A command to act is a command directed at the will.) 1. The good will is the unique “without limitation” good (also: unqualified or unconditioned). - All other things we call good are good sometimes, not others (or in some circumstances, not others). Some goods are good only as a means; others depend on the presence of something else to secure their goodness (courage is good only if it is used to a good end and in the right way – e.g., not carelessly). - The presence of a good will makes other things good, never bad. (It cannot make things good in every way: courage plus a good will, even in a good cause, does not guarantee victory. But victory without a good will is only qualifiedly good, at best.) The good will is the ultimate condition of the goodness of other things. - The good will is not good because of what it produces or brings about; it is good because of something about its willing (8). - The good will is a reason-governed will. 2. The concept of duty contains the concept of the good will; it is therefore a place to look to see what the good will is by seeing it in action. (10) Proposition 1. Dutiful actions done “from duty” have moral worth . Moral worth is the value of a good will in dutiful action. Dutiful actions that are merely “according to duty” have no moral worth (and so are not examples of good willing in action). Proposition 2.
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Kant_handout_1 - 1Philosophy 22 - Kant Handout (1) The...

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