Hence inadequate representation of vorticity

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Unformatted text preview: # Vorticity is stretched only. Hence inadequate representation of Vorticity turbulent field by a collection of purely stretched (or other ‘simple’) objects. # Concentrated vorticity dominates the flow and is quasi-twodimensional. # Enhanced dissipation in turbulent flows is due to vortex stretching. # Strain rate in turbulent flows is irrotational. # Turbulent energy production is due predominant (vortex and/or material elements) stretching # The difference between quasi-two-dimensional and pure-twoThe dimensional turbulent flows is always small. # Q2D and even P2D is always low dissipative. # For the very smallest eddies the motion is entirely laminar. # Efficient mixing requires random velocity field. Efficient # Well established phenomenological parallels between the statistical Well description of mixing and fluid turbulence itself and similar analogies between ‘passive’ and genuine turbulence. # The primary mechanism for production of scalar dissipation is the nonlinear amplification of scalar gradients by strain rate SELECTED PROBLEMATIC ISSUES ISSUES Mentioned and not mentioned in previous Mentioned lectures. Some to be discussed in more detail in January – March 2008 Eddy viscosity. One of the greatest misconceptions is the One Eddy one on eddy viscosity (and similar as mixing length, etc.) in the sense that it ‘explains’ the enhanced transfer rates (it is just an empirical way of accounting for such rates but not at all an explanation). Gradient transport ideas (which have been around since the beginning) are understood to be wrong in principle, yet they are used daily with moderate success by industry. Understanding how this can be (it is thoroughly explained by Tennekes and Lumley, 1972, p. 57) sheds light on turbulence. KRAICHNAN 1976 Models. A widespread assumption (and a great variety and Models huge number of papers) that models represent physical processes in real turbulence. Most of them are attempts to mimicking turbulence which is not the sa...
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