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Ph 136a 5 February 2003 CHAPTER 14: TURBULENCE Reading: Chapter 14 of Blandford and Thorne. Problems A. Do: 1. Exercise 14.1 part (ii): Spreading of a Laminar Wake Behind a Sphere, AND Exercise 14.4 part (ii): Turbulent Wake Behind a Sphere [Note: Kip will do parts (i), the wakes behind a cylinder, in class on Monday]; OR 2. Exercises 14.2: Spreading of a 2-Dimensional Laminar Jet, AND Exercise 14.5
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Unformatted text preview: part (i): Spreading of a 2-Dimensional Turbulent jet. [Note: This is more inter-esting and challenging than option 1, but will require more work.] B. Do: Exercise 14.3 Reynolds Stress and Weak Turbulence Theory C. Do: Exercise 14.7 Eect of Drag D. Do: 1. Exercise 14.9 Feigenbaum Sequence, OR 2. Exercise 14.11 Strange Attractors 1...
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