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Turbulent Flow and Transport 5 Bounded Flows I: General Near−Wall Scaling Laws; Flows in Pipes, Channels, etc. 5.1 Division of a wall−bounded turbulent shear flow into an inner (or constant− shear) layer near the wall, and an "outer layer." Prandtl’s "universal law of the wall" a universal scaling law for the mean velocity and the turbulence properties in the inner layer. The viscous and inertial (or logarithmic) sublayers of the inner layer, and the mean velocity profile in each of these layers, based on dimensional and mixing−length arguments. Comparison with experimental data. The velocity−defect "law" for the mean velocity in the outer layer. 5.2 Turbulent eddy diffusivity in the inner layer. Universal expressions for y + 0 (based on Taylor expansion about y=0) and y+ →∞ (based on the logarithmic profile). Some postulated expressions for the entire inner layer: Reichardt’s, Deissler’s, Van Dreist’s, etc. 5.3
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