HW4_MP - Prardiva Mangilipally Computing with Trillion...

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Prardiva Mangilipally Computing with Trillion components: This paper starts with the discussion of the possibility of building machines that could operate perfectly even when the components are defective or unreliable.Earlier computers were built using vacuum tubes and relays which were highly unreliable due to which computations had to be rerun multiple times whenever there was a component failure.So the scientists seriously examined the possibility of defect tolerant machines until the advent of integrated circuits which were highly reliable.The need for exploring the possibility of building defect tolerant circuits has begun to increase again in the recent past due to the drastic shrinkage in device sizes.This is the main motivation of the paper. As the size scales less than 22nm the operation of transistors has become problematic.So a need for new types of switching devices will be explored in the future circuits either individually or in combination with transistors.One such solution has been proposed by the author.These switches have very different operating characteristics from standard
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HW4_MP - Prardiva Mangilipally Computing with Trillion...

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