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Kona_reading assignment - N EW PARADIGMS OF COMPUTING by...

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NEW PARADIGMS OF COMPUTING, by Pratibha Kona The author talks about different ways of computing at a very small scale. These techniques although are not to be employed in same kind computing, have three common characteristics: non silicon, basic elements having already been physically implemented and ultra small scale (miniaturization). Different computing techniques are discussed, some of which focus on special applications and the others aimed to solve computationally difficult problems. Nano scale computing such as carbon nano tubes, DNA computing, organic computing, quantum computing and some special computing techniques like optical (high speed), nano fluidics and chaotic computing are discussed briefly. The author strongly feels that these various forms of computing, aimed at different domains of applications, which are currently under research and development stage might become very significant computing techniques in future, just like the present day technologies which themselves were once bizarre and were never expected to be practical. Some of these techniques are going to introduce new ways of computing in some domains
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Kona_reading assignment - N EW PARADIGMS OF COMPUTING by...

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