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Review_Allani - ELEC 7770 Advanced VLSI Design HW-4...

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Unformatted text preview: ELEC 7770 Advanced VLSI Design HW-4 Submitted by Mridula Allani “Architectures for Silicon Nanoelectronics and Beyond,Computer, vol. 40, no. 1, pp. 25-33, January 2007.” - R. I. Bahar, D. Hammerstrom, J. Harlow, W. H. Joyner Jr., C. Lau, D. Marculescu, A. Orailoglu and M. Pedram The authors discuss the issues that might affect the design, architecture, and reliability of electronic circuits in the technology succeeding the CMOS. With the CMOS scaling approaching the physical limits, many new molecular-scale devices are being considered to improve device density, performance, power-density, energy-efficiency and complexity of electronic circuits. These new technologies include carbon nanotube transistors, carbon nanotube devices, molecular electronics, spintronics, quantum- computing, magnetic memory devices, optoelectronics, etc. Some hybrid systems which are also called modified-CMOS devices are also being considered which integrate the conventional CMOS with the previously mentioned new technologies. These devices might have different logic primitives and fault previously mentioned new technologies....
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