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ELEC 6970 PROJECT REPORT: Reduction of Voltage Supply and its Effect on Power Consumption, Delay and Area. JINS DAVIS ALEXANDER 1
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Introduction: Reduction of voltage supply is one of the most commonly used techniques in low power design. The quadratic decrease power due to voltage reduction renders it as an effective yet simple way of power reduction. However the drastic rise in delay at voltages close to the threshold remains a limiting factor. This project aims at finding an optimum voltage that balances the opposing factors for best results. Project Statement: To design a 32x32 integer array multiplier, verify its logical correctness and to reduce the power consumption by reducing the supply voltage and see its effect on power consumption, delay and area of the multiplier. Basic Concepts: The components of power can be classified as: 1. Dynamic Power: - Power due to signal transitions (logic activity and glitches). - Short circuit power. 2. Static Power: -Leakage power. Since the dynamic power accounts for about 75% the total power consumption, its reduction is the most useful in low power design. Dynamic Power is a quadratic function of supply voltage given by: P= CV DD 2 f Thus it can be seen that a slight decrease in voltage would reduce the power 4 times that of its original value. However with decrease in voltage, the delay of circuit increases as the transistors have less drive capability due to lower supply voltage. This can also be seen from the alpha power model of delay given by
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