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ELEC 5270-001/6270-001 Low-Power Design of Electronic Circuits Spring 2011 Homework 1 Problems Assigned 2/21/11, due 2/28/11 Problem 1: A 32 bit bus operates at 1.0V and 2GHz clock rate. Each bit wire, driven by a CMOS buffer, has a total capacitance of 2pF. Each wire has a toggling probability of 0.75 per clock cycle. What is the total dynamic power dissipation of the bus drivers? Will the inversion encoding scheme reduce the power consumption? Problem 2: A clock driver has a total output capacitance of 50pF. The supply voltage is 0.9V and the clock frequency is 2GHz. Calculate the power consumption of the clock signal. Problem 3: Prove that a CMOS gate consumes no short-circuit power when V DD ≤ V tn + | V tp |, i.e., supply voltage is below the sum of the threshold voltage magnitudes for the n and p channel MOSFETs. Problem 4: Using the Elmore delay formula, show that the delay of a long interconnect of length s is proportional to s 2 . Suppose, to reduce the delay of the interconnect we split
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