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ELEC 5270-001/6270-001 Low-Power Design of Electronic Circuits Spring 2011 Homework 3 Problem Assigned 3/28/11, due 4/8/11 (extended) Problem: Design a circuit which takes two 32-bit positive integers to generate a 64-bit product and synthesize it using the TSMC 180nm library with Design Compiler for minimum area or delay. Verify your design’s functionality using Modelsim and show the output waveforms. By manually examining a few cases verify that your circuit correctly multiplies integers. Using Primetime PX, calculate the different components of power for the circuit. Use
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Unformatted text preview: a VCD file to provide the switching activity information. On separate graphs show the behaviors of the switching, leakage, combinational, sequential and clock power components when the circuit is subjected to frequency scaling. Use clock frequencies from 100 MHz to 2GHz. Summarize your observations briefly. Please attend guest lectures on March 28 and April 1, 2011 by Ms. Mridula Allani for information related to this homework. ELEC5270-001/6270-001 Homework 3 Problem Page 1 of 1 Spring 2011...
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