hw4prob - ELEC 5270-001/6270-001 Low-Power Design of...

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Unformatted text preview: ELEC 5270-001/6270-001 Low-Power Design of Electronic Circuits Spring 2011 Classwork 4 Problems Assigned 4/15/11, due 4/15/11 Answer the following questions, selecting just one answer per question.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. The inversion encoding for a reduced-power n-bit bus works as follows: Bits are always inverted Only half the bits are inverted Only true (logic 1) bits are inverted Only false (logic 0) bits are inverted All bits are inverted only if the number of transitions exceeds n/2-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. A 2 microfarad capacitor is charged to a voltage 1 volt through a 500 kilo ohm series resistor. What is the energy dissipated in the resistor? 1 watt 1 calorie 1 micro joule 0.5 micro joule 1 microwatt -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. A digital circuit dissipates 1 nanojoule of energy per cycle. If the clock rate is 1GHz, what is the power consumption of the circuit? 1 joule 1 nanowatt 1 joule 1 watt 0.5 watt-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. A battery is connected to a circuit for maximum power transfer. What is the effi- ciency of power transfer? Very low 50% 75% 90% 100%-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. How do glitches affect the power consumption of a digital circuit?...
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hw4prob - ELEC 5270-001/6270-001 Low-Power Design of...

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