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1. Hockey if teams finish regulation tied, both teams gain a point. They are willing to take a risk to get the point to break that tie. 2. If something is presented to you as a potential loss, then people take greater risks to avoid that loss. a. Eg. Professional golfers. i. When they are faced with a potential loss/stroke. When they are putting for par they are trying to avoid a one stroke loss which is a bogie, so they will take BIGGER RISK. When putting for a birdie they do not take the same kind of risks. ii. The difference is the way in which the golfers perceive the issue at hand. Making a par and avoiding a bogie is avoiding a loss.
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Unformatted text preview: iii. Making a birdie is a potential gain. Making a birdie is minus one. Golfers avoiding the loss of a bogie, will they take greater risks or small risks…they will take GREATER. Shooting for a birdie, still saving for one stroke they will take smaller risks. The outcome in terms of your total score is the same. All the great golfers take greater risks when they are trying to save par/avoid a bogie 3. Affective conflit: A matter of personalities 4. Cognitive Conflict: A matter of disagreeing about ideas. You keep things on a professional level and not a personal level....
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