Kalan Lecture 3 - A . Strategic Planning: The roadmap for...

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A. Strategic Planning: The roadmap for an organization. Planning is an ongoing process. a. Plan, Execute, Evaluate Control b. In the market you must stay current with what is going on. c. Planning has a short term and a long term focus d. Mission Statement: A statement of who we are, how we are going to operate, and where we want to go. e. Business Plan: A document that includes the decisions that are going to guide our organization. The Business plan is usually the top level of the plan in business organizations. f. Marketing Plan: A written plan that outlines the marketing objectives, strategies, tactics. i. Who carries this out happens within the framework of the business plan. g. In planning, everything must be synergistic with what is planned. B. Three levels a. Top Level-Strategic Level: A managerial decision process that matches an organizations resources and capabilities to its market opportunities for long term growth and survival i. Corporate level. This is where oyu find the organizations mission statement. 1. Spend money on facilities 2. Financial Assets: What will we invest in? 3. Core competencies? 4. Capabilities? 5. Big Market Opportunities to exploit.
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6. Lines of industries, factories, businesses to be in- long-term decisions 7. This all usually happens at the Executive/CEO level. 8.
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Kalan Lecture 3 - A . Strategic Planning: The roadmap for...

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