Kalan Lecture 22

Kalan Lecture 22 - P UBLIC RELATIONS A. Sales Promotions...

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A. Sales Promotions Types: (Ask prof to clarify) a. Trade Promotions: Designed to encourage retailer partners to stop and promote and hopefully push a little bit. i. Money-back allowances: `Trade Consumer 10% OI (ON BOARD) 1. Direct off invoice allowance 2. Allowances for performaing specific activities: e.g. You might buy down your retail price. 3. Allowances for display activity. Require am incentive the retailer. They don something for free 4. Advertising support: A retailer buys a 100 cases of something from an advertiser. b. Consumer Promitions(Main, fun ones) i. Coupons: These are price reductions. Something that gives you a reduction in the retail price. Fiat money. They have to be redeemed by manufactured. 1. Can be delivered via newspapers. . Coupon booklets are called FSI(Free standing inserts-ON BOARD). 2. You can find coupons on package or somebody else’s package. You can find them through a machine. 3. You can get coupons in the mail,m magazines, directories, booklets. 4. Coupons that come in newspapers are called ROP coupons(Run-OF Press- ON BOARD ) Only 1% of coupons are redeemed. ii. Price Sale/deal: There are a variety of ways we have to lower retail
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Kalan Lecture 22 - P UBLIC RELATIONS A. Sales Promotions...

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