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Marketing Project Part II

Marketing Project Part II - A Advertising and PR As...

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A. Advertising and PR: As appropriate build this into your plans. Include a media plan and the level of detail you deem appropriate. Many teams have included some creative efforts (print or video advertisements) and while these are not a required element they do add a lot to your project’s presentation. B. Internet: Include your Internet strategy and plans. Will you be utilizing any e- commerce and if so why and how? Are your competitors using the Internet and what implications does this have for your plans now and in the future? A. Portable Paradise is the newest invention by the SWALK group that is already taking the country by storm via info-mercials. Newly scientific process engineering studies in the KLAWS laboratories have been able to invent a brand-new, never before seen umbrella that provides cooling and heating pleasures for rain or snow. Making it undoubtedly live up to the name of “Portable Paradise!”.
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