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I. Executive Summary: A paragraph describing what your Market Plan contains. Explain your idea, which product or service you analyzed, the competitors you focused on, what you found, and what you recommended. (Note: this section is written after your report is done, not before). A. Our Idea: A product that fulfilled the need of having a portable air conditioning/temperature altering device. We found that need in our heated/air-conditioned umbrella prototype, “Portable Paradise.” Made by SWALK&KLAWS incorporated. B. The product or service we originally analyzed was an umbrella and the fact that it shield people away from the rain and from getting wet. We added capabilities to the umbrella so not only would it protect people from getting wet on rainy days, but we also wanted it to protect people from unfavorable temperatures. Thus, we added a venting/circulation system within the
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Unformatted text preview: umbrella to provide heating and air-conditioning. C. Since our product is quite differentiated, it has competitors in multiple industries. Some of the industries our product competes with is the umbrella industry, the heating industry, the air-conditioning industry, and the clothing industry. These were the core competitors which we focused on, because the success of our product would provide a disruption/decrease of sales in any of the four industries. D. We recommend this product preferably to college students and walkers/city-walkers because with Portable Paradise, you can dress any way you want, regardless of which season it is! You can wear shorts in cold weather, just turn the heat up, and if you want, you can wear long-sleeve clothing in hot weather, but just turn the air down....
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