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community service - thing Also teachers are not doing...

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Community Service The definition of community service is when people get together and do work that is beneficial to the community and when the people don’t do it for monetary gain. It is when people are willing to help out for no material payment. If someone is getting paid for what they are doing it is no longer community service in the traditional sense. However there are social workers are who dedicated to helping out society by trying to make the community a better place. These people who get paid are not doing community service but that does not mean that they are not doing a good
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Unformatted text preview: thing. Also teachers are not doing community service because it is their career and it is their livelihood. However anyone can do community service and help out without getting paid. For example I try to do a lot of community service because it is good and it makes me feel good. I like to interact with the people because that to me is the most helpful. I helped organize an event where we made PB&J sandwiches for homeless people and it made me feel good because we were doing a good thing....
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