problems - other times I just let them go away because I...

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September 26 th , 2009 A struggle I have been going through is how bad the food at the diner is. This is a serious problem because I am a human being and as a human being I need to eat every day, at least 5 times a day. This means that I have to deal with eating terrible food everyday, 5 times a day! I am coping with this by going to the Co-op and buying good, healthy food, because eating well is important to me because if I don’t eat well I’ll die. However I only have 10$ in my account now because buying food at the Co-op is super expensive and so I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m thinking of becoming a professional criminal because I’ve heard from people that it pays well and then I could get good food and not have to worry about paying! Another struggle I am going through is with the stink bugs that are invading my room. Everyday literally billions of stink bugs come to my room and I am forced to fight them. Sometimes I kill them and
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Unformatted text preview: other times I just let them go away because I feel compassionate. Also you never know when being nice can help. Maybe one-day stinkbugs will take over the world and they’ll be putting humans into slavery and then the stinkbug king will be like, “wait, Seth showed us mercy so we will show him mercy.” Then I could be the stinkbug king’s advisor or something. Another struggle I have to deal with is my roommate being stinky. He is probably one of the dirtiest, nastiest people I have ever met. He never wears deodorant, never takes a shower, and reeks of O’Doul’s. I am trying to cope with this by getting nose plugs but it is hard to wear nose plugs everyday. I think I am going to start yelling at him so that he understands that he stinks. Maybe it will work and maybe it won’t, but I should try it because I only live once....
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problems - other times I just let them go away because I...

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