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“Stopping Illegal Immigration: Should Border Security come before Immigration Reform?” Debate Counter Arguments: 1. It is impossible to block off 2,000 mile border. 2. Increased Border Security prevents people who come over for work to leave. 3. Increase enforcement causes people to cross at more dangerous areas where some people die. 4. Waste of tax payer money, as enforcement has increased and yet the flow of immigrants still continues. 5. Like placing a band-aid on a bullet wound. 6. Border Security may be useful as a factor of Immigration Reform, but Border Security alone is implausible and even wasteful and does nothing
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Unformatted text preview: on its own. 7. Creates a police-state-goes against our society’s values. 8. Is a racist and bigoted policy, intent on keeping Mexicans out. 9. Border Security is a for profit industry and needs to detain people to make money. 10. Is the U.S entitled to closing off its border, can humans be restricted? 11. Vast majority of crossers are not terrorists, just disenfranchised people. 12. Many are coming not just for economic reasons. 13. Those in the U.S have no means of becoming citizens....
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