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img023 - LITqus 0P CUM not IVLQSSHsan”(lag 13‘...

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Unformatted text preview: LITqus 0P CUM. not. \ IVLQSSHsan” (lag 13‘ Mbw‘hm” C. 8.6 2)“051 Less” (Leaf 3) “OR More " 0.84% We are often interested in presenting data on a cumulative frequency basis. An arrangement of data on this basis is called a cumulative frequency ‘ distribution. A cumulative “less than' frequency distribution shows how many items are less than various values and a cumulative "more than" frequency distribution shows how many items are more than various values. _»_ l. CUMULATIVE "LESS THAN" FREQUENCY DISTRIBUTION ($0000!me —-._ —-|— ‘ LESS THAN 16% LESSTHANQ 5 LESS THAN Q7115 - ‘11-. 2. CUMULATIVE "MORE THAN“ FREQUENCY DISTRIBUTION ...
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