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Linear Demand Estimation Excel has the ability to perform regression analysis. However, to accomplish this you must make sure you have installed the Data Analysis “add-in.” You can determine if you have the add-in installed by going to “Tools” then select “Add-Ins” and see if “Analysis ToolPak” is checked – if not do so. Once installed correctly you will see Data Analysis as an option under the Tools drop-down menu. Within the Data Analysis menu option is regression. 1. First task is to add-in Analysis ToolPak. 2. Go to text website at, http://www.mhhe.com/economics/maurice7/student/statcase.mhtml
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Select “Estimation and Analysis of Demand for Fast Food Meals Case” 4. Using Excel to perform the regression, complete the requested analysis and answer questions a,d,f,h, & h contained within the case. 5. Due date for this assignment is midnight June 1st. Please email me the answers and results as a Word attachment at [email protected] . Also include the Excel statistical results in the Word document. I’m sure you can do this in several ways but copy and paste will work as well as embedding the Excel file in the document....
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