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ANSWER KEY FOR EXCEL HOMEWORK 9/08/09   TOTAL POINTS - 10 Deduct points for, lack of quartiles in Descriptive Statistics, lack of title in graph, lack of axis titles in graph, any  other missing information from what is shown below ComboSales Mean 67.8875
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Unformatted text preview: Standard Error 0.897076 Median 67.5 Mode 66 Standard Deviation 8.023689 Sample Variance 64.37959 Kurtosis 0.013244 Skewness 0.405136 Range 38 Minimum 51 First Quartile 63.75 Third Quartile 72 Maximum 89 Sum 5431 Count 80 ComboSales Pric e ComboSales 1 Price-0.621879127 1...
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