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11-04-08 - b Progress is rooted in the expansion...

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I. Applebee book A. American was going to continue to grow because of their industry. B. “American embraces change”. But cities were built and named after cities in Europe C. Economic changes bring fundamental changes 1. Agricultural revolution a. Material abundance b. There is surplus food for people to eat. c. People start to envision the future d. If people do not have enough food they will not be able to think about their future because they are struggling in the presence. 2. Industrial Revolution D. Liberalism 1. belief system that is connected with capitalism 2. Focuses on the power of the individual. The ability of the individual to do great things 3. Need to protect rights of the individual 4. People have a basic natural freedom that they start out with. But they lay down part of their freedom to live in a society. “Social Contract” 5. The real engine of society is the individual with individual interests E. Jacksonian Revolution 1. Unapologetic Liberalism a. Individual self interest is good
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Unformatted text preview: b. Progress is rooted in the expansion capabilities of the individual c. The more freedom they have the better they make the society around them 2. Republicanism a. To have a good republicanism you have to fear corruption because you cannot give one person too much power b. You cannot give individuals too much power because they will bring it down to anarchy 3. Problems a. There is no emphasis on the group b. Lower class individuals are not going to be happy. Large numbers of poor people c. Traditional elite loose power to the rising middle class. Progress pushes people that are in the way of progress out. F. Progressive Era and the crisis of progress 1. Working class is growing and becoming angry 2. Factory workers 3. Carl Marx- Progress is not bringing anyone satisfaction. But he believes the working class will progress and rise up 4. In order to continue progress, the government has to maintain progress...
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