11-18-08 - 4 People are focusing too much on themselves 5...

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I. Bellamy A. What does Bellamy see in the present that needs to change 1. Capital is the problem with the present day society a. Only the strong survive b. Competition is creating inefficiencies 2. Cooperation- Cooperation has to replace competition in society, so everyone can be equal a. Limits inefficiencies b. It stabilizes society c. Cooperation comes through government. Stateism- State socialism 3. Bellamy believes that companies during capital are not working in the public interest. 4. He predicts that his book is a forecast that will eventually come, because the laws of nature, such as progress, will push away from capitalism 5. The country needs large government controlled monopolies 6. Bellamy avoids explaining how these movements happen by moving 110 years by saying “Julian fell asleep” II. Distobia A. Christopher Lash- “The culture of Narcissism” 1. He was looking at the culture around him and critiquing it 2. Change in American consciousness 3. American progress has come to an end
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Unformatted text preview: 4. People are focusing too much on themselves 5. People have given up on the notion of a “Shared” future. Americans as a people cannot come together to sacrifice, embrace, etc. 6. Contributed to Jimmy Carters speech writing. “The Crisis of Confidence” during the second gas crisis. We have to sacrifice for the common good and the sake for the future. We’re willing to take a decline in the standard of life, in order to have a better future. B. Narcissism- pathological definition which states that you are obsessed with yourself because there is no integrated self within. C. American culture has gone in a directed that our souls are fragmented. We do not know where we are in time. Progress has almost ended D. Things are not getting better E. Narcissist personalities are taking over American society F. Sometimes it’s a fantasy view of the future that is meant to awaken us to a flaw in society....
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11-18-08 - 4 People are focusing too much on themselves 5...

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