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11_7_08 - anyone else does Type 2 diabetes is starting to...

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11/7/08 1. America positions itself as the center of the world See ourselves as the typical people America is out of touch with the rest of the world “Americans are becoming dumber and dumber” being an intellectual can be viewed by other Americans as un-American the more educated you are, the less of an American educational system is ranked 14 th compared to the rest of the world ranked 17 th in the world for healthcare American exceptionalism shows that we think we are the best, no matter what
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Unformatted text preview: anyone else does Type 2 diabetes is starting to occur in children Our economic crisis is affecting other countries Euro was originally worth less than a dollar, and now a $1.60 is euro America owes $10 trillion to other countries, country with the most debt Interest is only second to military expenses Calendar is the way that it is because Christians dominate it 2. 3....
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