12-2-08 - Intro to American Studies December 2, 2008 Martin...

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Intro to American Studies December 2, 2008 Martin Luther King – “I Have a Dream” Speech Talks about Negroes being crippled because of segregation and that they are still not free, they find themselves exiled within their own land Hopes for both white men and black men to receive the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. African Americans will not be satisfied until they have dignity. Now in the present is the time to lift the country from the racial issues and make justice a reality. He stresses the importance of “now” rather than dwelling upon what should have been done in the past Negroes must use physical force with soulful force, yet must not cause violence in their struggle. They do not want to make a bad name for themselves He dreams that individuals will be judged not on the color of their skin but on the content of their character. With equality for both blacks and whites, the nation could stand up for freedom together and come together as a brotherhood - The voice of Martin Luther King is not only so important in the m e a ning of the spe ech but in e nvisioning the future, the sp e ech was a flashpoint in American consciousness - He is showing a timeline starting at the b eginning of the way slaves were treated and they had a promise a nd e nvisioned a drea m of e qu ality in the future, yet hundreds of years later the promise was still not fulfilled. - Martin Luther King highlights and focuses on the m o m e nt of “now”. The difference b etwe en his dre a m and the forefathers drea m is that h e drea ms prophecy in a Christ co m m unity (a focused p articular religious voice) rather than just simply freedo m. He spe aks the languag e of the bible in his “I Have a Drea m” s ection of his spe ech. “The mighty will be hu mble.” - A dre a m isn’t just a n idea or a notion, but you visualize a s well. When you can se e a drea m, you feel as if you can now obtain that dre a m and that it is already there. His
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12-2-08 - Intro to American Studies December 2, 2008 Martin...

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