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final review - 1 Joyce Appleby Capitalism and a New Social...

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Joyce Appleby- “Capitalism and a New Social Order” A. America is becoming prosperous because it is advancing in the area of agriculture B. Jefferson and the Republics are moving away from a centralized government C. They want to expand West and they believe that land will conquer time and America will be forever prosperous D. Theme: The birth of Progress: Republicanism, Liberalism and Change 2. Edward Bellamy- “Looking Backward” A. Julian West 1. Born in the 19 th century 2. Dr. Pillsbury puts West to sleep and he awakes 110 years later 3. Engaged to Edith Barlett B. In the new society, Boston 2000, the economy takes on a style of public capital C. Edith Leete is the great granddaughter of Edith Barlett D. Theme: Utopian society: Utopian community and American dream 3. Fredrick Turner- “The Significance of Frontier in American History” A. The Frontier of America expanding west is coming to an end B. America is running out of room to expand C. America has to look on improve their cities and expanding their empire by going overseas D. Theme: Nature’s Nation. Science Technology and Nature 4. Christopher Lasch- “The Culture of Narcissism” A. He was looking at America around him and realizes that it needs to change B. America progression has come to an end C. Americans cannot come together for a shared idea and purpose. D.
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final review - 1 Joyce Appleby Capitalism and a New Social...

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