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Class 9 Chapter 8 The most important of the non-economic events are the ones that lead to economic events In the paper, “Three events”, Julie uses the term business events Commitment is not an economic event Economic events, commitment events, and the Business events Integration, facilitation and termination are three types of business events View integration- Consolidates the diagram on one paper/resource If we joint all the diagrams in the class (4 different departments) we would have a business diagram of the whole company If you recorded every single event in the business, we would have nothing to interpret We only store value (i.e. sales order) only once in our computer
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Unformatted text preview: • Sometimes location is a part of the extended REA ontology. • Transfer- good goes out • Transform- Resources are transformed to materials • Extended REA ontology- A pattern is a template for what an REA diagram should look like • ISBN does not identify an individual copy of a book. It deals with the type of book • At a level we record the type number. When we deliver it we use the VIN #(every car has its own vin #) • An order can be an event • An agent is a customer, a business agent is a type of customer Chapter 9 • This involves step 8 of the REA model process • Always do the foreign keys in 1:1 links...
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