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Kathryn Imhoff Biology 211, Section 3 A Very Deep Question 2. Scientific knowledge and scientific process are intertwined in the sense that previous scientific knowledge is always an important background to any scientific experiment. In this short story, it was always believed that the same forces that acted upon Earth at the beginning are present in the same form and amount now (uniformitarianism). When Kelvin argued that in addition to previous methods, he could calculate the Earth’s age from its temperature loss, and Rutherford claimed that due to radioactivity one element could change into another, many in the field were skeptical but through the scientific process, they realized that each of the methods made sense. Through the scientific process, scientists discovered that some previous scientific knowledge supported the information that they had discovered.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Science is always advancing and improving; it is certainly not a dull subject. Scientists work together in a creative atmosphere and are constantly using bits and pieces of someone else’s previous work or discoveries to add to their own experiments and the scientific process by which they are doing their study. When scientists analyze the data produced from their experiments, they are always looking for information that fits together to solve the puzzle of Earth. This involves social contact with others in the field and formulating creative and new ideas to test and, hopefully and eventually, prove. For example, to discover the age of Earth, many methods and were combined by many scientists, including temperature readings, radiometric dating, and previous knowledge or theories of the world....
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