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Kathryn Imhoff - was in a monastery that he really did his work with pea plants It was in his leisure time and he enjoyed gardening As for testing

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Kathryn Imhoff Biology 211 Dr. Colbert Mendel Assignment Oct. 26, 2010 2. Mendel’s work illustrates that observation and data analysis are not objective because he did not really know what outcome to expect about any of his experiments and hybrids. Science is not always based on doing an experiment to get the results that scientists favor or are anticipating; most science is discovered when the experimenter least expects it. The scientist runs the experiment in order to discover new and previously unknown aspects of the field. 3. Mendel’s idea, testing, and data illustrate that his work was a creative endeavor. First of all, it
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Unformatted text preview: was in a monastery that he really did his work with pea plants. It was in his leisure time and he enjoyed gardening. As for testing, his work had to be creative. He bred species of pea plants that had never been crossed before and he also had to use creative thinking and ingenuity to analyze the conclusions he got. Because of Mendel and his creativity, science has gone from analyzing pea plant genes and examining physical traits to mapping DNA sequences and compiling the information of the Human Genome Project....
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