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Nature of Science - theory and law and yet how one builds...

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Kathryn Imhoff Biology 211, Section 3 Nature of Science Response Thursday August, 26 2010 1. The main ideas about the characteristics of science that surprised me were the different fields of science: basic science, applied science, and technology and how they are all interrelated. It is also very interesting to me that some science experiments or science ideas are not even made directly to solve a question, but rather, to spark a question to research and gather information about. 2. A large new insight this reading taught me was the difference between a hypothesis,
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Unformatted text preview: theory, and law, and yet how one builds off of the other and gets more specific with each step. Another thing I have always wondered about that this reading answered is the question of whether or not scientists have conflicts with their faith in the supernatural and scientific ideas. It is helpful to know that even though a person has religious beliefs, there is still justification in studying science: to understand the world in naturalistic terms....
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