Only a Theory Essay

Only a Theory Essay - The battle between evolution and...

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Unformatted text preview: The battle between evolution and intelligent design is a widely known debate but is inaccurately understood by most people. Usually, people either know a lot about intelligent design or know hardly any of its specifics. In Only a Theory , Dr. Kenneth Miller asserts that the idea of intelligent design, a claim demonstrating purpose of species, especially humans, is an intellectual scam that makes untestable claims for which no supporting evidence is available or possible, and is simply an attempt to bring particular religious viewpoints into public school science classes. After reading and analyzing this book, I agree with Millers assertions pertaining to the fact that intelligent design is not scientifically testable and that its various aspects are not always cohesive. I believe intelligent design may be more than just a simple idea to bring religion into science classes; it is a statement of purpose. The main thing that I came away from this book remembering is that advocators of creationism and intelligent design are seeking to find a way to prove that life has purpose and that a creator saw to it...
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Only a Theory Essay - The battle between evolution and...

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