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Understanding Earth's Age

Understanding Earth's Age - religion The reason why things...

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Kathryn Imhoff Biology 211, Section 3 Understanding Earth’s Age 2. Science is most certainly a social endeavor. First of all, nearly all scientists collaborate together and “bounce” ideas back and forth at each other to try and formulate a better and more effective answer or outcome to their research. There usually are always scientists out in the world who know a little bit more about something and have more information on a particular subject than another scientist may. They work in partnership to write resource materials, test hypotheses, and explore the world of biological science together. 4. Criticisms should not be made against science because they are in competition against
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Unformatted text preview: religion. The reason why things should not be looked at as “science vs. religion” is because, even though religion may somewhat support and deny science, there simply is not enough evidence from religion that scientists can use to support their theories of nature. At one time, a considerable amount of scientific beliefs were based around both religion and nature. However, scientists are searching for answers all the time; it is an endless process and they believed that Biblical scripture solely was not enough. They stopped using scripture because the beginnings of Earth were not clear enough for their liking....
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