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MGT4394 2011 Fall Syllabus and Schedule

MGT4394 2011 Fall Syllabus and Schedule - Virginia Tech...

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Virginia Tech Pamplin College of Business Department of Management MGT 4394: Business Policy and Strategy Fall 2011 Instructor: Katy Cortes Office: Pamplin 2099 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: MW 1:00-2:15 or by appointment (email me) Class times and locations: CRN 94634: MW 2:30-3:45 Derring 3083 CRN 94632: MW 4:00-5:15 Derring 3083 Course Web site: http://learn.vt.edu (select Scholar) - or - scholar.vt.edu Course Materials: Textbook and case pack (both required) Hardcopy E-Book (www.ebooks.primisonline.com) Text ISBN: 978-0390-943392 ISBN: 0-390-106011 Case pack ISBN: 978-1121-204164 ISBN: 978-1121-204652 COURSE OBJECTIVES Business policy and strategy deals with decisions that fundamentally influence the direction of the organization and effective implementation of the direction chosen. Business policy and strategy addresses strategic positioning, resources and capabilities, and design of the organization to create, capture and sustain competitive advantage. In MGT 4394, Business Policy and Strategy, you will develop your skills at: Developing your general management skills that integrate across functional areas; 1
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Understanding how firms gain and sustain competitive advantage; Analyzing strategic business situations and formulating strategy; and Implementing strategy and organizing the firm for strategic success. Success ultimately depends not only on the soundness of the formulated strategy, but also on effective implementation through appropriate organizational choices. Business Policy and Strategy focuses on strategic decisions, and with both the content of those decisions and the processes by which general managers position the businesses and allocate resources under conditions of both uncertainty and competition. This course utilizes various tools, concepts, and analytical frameworks that enhance our ability to define and analyze strategic problems and to identify sources of competitive advantage from both an industry and firm-level perspective. This senior-level business course focuses on key issues in formulating and implementing strategies to create and sustain competitive advantage. Focusing on a firm’s unique resources and capabilities, we analyze the impact of change and environmental forces that can create or destroy opportunities for establishing and sustaining competitive advantage. Emphasis is given to developing pragmatic and action-oriented general management skills. Theory within the disciplines of strategy, accounting, economics, finance, international business, marketing, political science and organization theory have important implications for general management. Thus, this course emphasizes both cases and lecture/discussion sessions. Strategic management deals with the world of experience. The world of experience is not a world of certainty. Thus, within the classroom, reasonable people (with different experiences) will view management differently. Management involves making sense together, and is a creative and subjective process. Conjectures and knowledge based on personal experiences are highly valued within the conversation of this class.
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MGT4394 2011 Fall Syllabus and Schedule - Virginia Tech...

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