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MGT4394 Introduction to Case Analysis I Class Prep Questions

MGT4394 Introduction to Case Analysis I Class Prep...

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Class Preparation Questions Introduction to Case Analysis I: Overview Reading “How to Discuss a Case” (In case pack) Think about: 1. What are the keys for effectively participating in a case discussion? 2. What aspects of case discussion are you comfortable with? Strong at? 3. We are not strong at everything: what aspects of the discussion process are you not comfortable with? What will you do to overcome this? 4. What will you do to actively learn from the case discussions? Mini-case “Horror Show at the Cinemaplex” (Posted on the course’s Scholar site) Prepare: 1. Why do people go to the movies? How / why has this changed?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. What is the trend in attendance at movie theaters? Is there a problem? What explains this? 3. What determines profitability for exhibitors? Consider revenue components, expenses, and the controllability of these by managers. What is the trend in profitability? What explains this? 4. Is it a “horror show” at the Cinemaplex? Just think about, we will cover in class: 5. What is the key strategic issue facing movie theaters? 6. What are three alternatives (i.e., new actions / initiatives) that exhibitor’s might consider to resolve this strategic issue? Which would you recommend?...
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