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MGT4394 Redbox and Netflix Case Preparation Questions-1

MGT4394 Redbox and Netflix Case Preparation Questions-1 - 2...

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Mgmt 4394: Business Policy and Strategy Day 07 – External Analysis Application: Netflix and Redbox Preparation for Class: Read and conduct an external analysis of the assigned cases (found in your casebook). The external analysis will be covered in class while the first Team Case Assignment builds on this external analysis. Cases: Netflix’s Business Model and Strategy in Renting Movies and TV Episodes and Redbox’s Strategy in the Movie Rental Industry (both cases) Class Preparation Questions 1. What are the economics of the video rental business (E.g., drivers of profitability)? What does the industry value chain look like? Show upstream and downstream activities relative to the video rental firms. Is vertical integration present?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. What does a five-forces analysis of the video rental industry reveal about the intensity of competition and overall industry attractiveness? Which competitive forces are strongest? Weakest? 3. How is the video rental industry changing? What are the general environment factors as well as competitive factors that are behind the change? 4. What does your strategic group map of the video rental industry look like? Which strategic groups do you think are in the best positions relative to the five-forces and drivers of change? Which groups are in the worst positions? 5. What are your major conclusions regarding industry attractiveness and issues that video rental firms must face from the above analysis?...
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