Team Case Assignment Handout Fall 2011-1

Team Case Assignment Handout Fall 2011-1 - MGT4394 Business...

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TEAM ANALYSIS ASSIGNMENTS: FALL 2011 PowerPoint Documents (4) Presentation (best 1) Learning Objective The Team Analysis Assignments provide you with the opportunity to use your conceptual, analytic and technical skills in applications of real-world business situations. You should adopt the role of a consulting team that has been asked to examine the corporation and to provide (a) strategic judgments regarding the key issues and problems facing the company with supporting evidence and sound logic; (b) alternative courses of actions available to the corporation and assessments of these options; and (c) a specific recommendation with a supporting plan of action. Team Analysis Cases and Due Dates The cases and due dates for the term are as follows. All are included in the MGT4394 case pack. Case Due Date 1. Netflix’s Business Model and Strategy in Renting Movies and TV Episodes and Redbox’s Strategy in the Movie Rental Industry Friday, September 16 th by noon 2. SkyWest, Inc. and the Regional Airline Industry in 2009 Friday, September 30 th by noon 3. Smucker’s in 2011 Wednesday, October 26 th by noon 4. Making China Beautiful: Shiseido and the China Market Wednesday, November 30 th by noon Logistics Both softcopy and hardcopy versions of the slides with notes are due no later than the dates listed above. The hardcopy is to be printed in “Notes” format (be sure that all notes fit onto the printed page) and delivered to my mailbox in Pamplin 2007 by the time on the specified date. An electronic copy is to be submitted to the appropriate “Assignment” folder on Scholar by the same time and date. I will bring electronic copies of your slides to class on a laptop for presentation. Case PowerPoint Document Requirements Based on your analysis of the case (do not update the case) , you are to create and present a 7-slide power point presentation addressing the primary strategic in the case. The format of the presentation as follows: 1
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Slide 1 : (Title Slide) Basic cover slide must contain the following information: team #, names of all team members, instructor’s name, course section day & meeting time. At the bottom of the slide you must note the electronic submission information: file name of the electronic document and the name of the student that submitted the document. Slide 2 : (Executive Summary) Logic flowing from issues to recommendations. This slides addressed 3 key aspects showing a very high level of understanding with low level of details (the details are in the remaining slides): 1. What’s going on? What is the strategic issue? Why? What are the implications if the firm does not fix this issue? 2. What’s causing it? Summary of key causes indicated from your analysis (e.g., Slides 3-5). 3.
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Team Case Assignment Handout Fall 2011-1 - MGT4394 Business...

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