Intro to Psych, Module 20

Intro to Psych, Module 20 - o Gate-control...

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Other Senses: Module 20 Other Senses o Touch Pressure Warmth Cold Pain o Body senses Kinesthetic Vestibular o Taste o Smell Touch o Receptors in skin for: heat cold light touch strong pressure hair movement pain More about Pain o Pain is the body’s signal that something has gone wrong o Pain is a subjective experience influenced by: Biology – the nerves and spinal cord, genetic differences in endorphins, brain interpretation Psychology – attention to pain, learning from experience, expectation of relief Society – presence of others, empathy, cultural expectations
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Unformatted text preview: o Gate-control Theory (Melzac & Wall, 1965 & 1983) the theory that our spinal cord can block or allow pain sensations o Pain Relief surgery, medication, distraction, exercise • Body Senses o Kinesthetic proprioception = knowing where your body parts are o Vestibular sense of balance and head position • Taste o Sweet o Sour o Salty o Bitter o Umami • Smell • Sensory Interaction o One sense can affect another sense. o For example, taste and smell work together to produce flavors when you eat • Smells and Memories...
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Intro to Psych, Module 20 - o Gate-control...

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