Burden, Sierra, Friday G, Genetics, Post Lab

Burden, Sierra, Friday G, Genetics, Post Lab -...

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Bio44X Genetics Postlab Answer Key (20 points total) Name Sierra Burden Day and Section Friday G CA and Intern Lillian and John  Experiment 1:      Scutoid      experiment (13 points)     1.Give the gene name, phenotype , and mutagen (e.g.: spontaneous, EMS, x- ray, etc.)for each of the following alleles you worked with: al 1 , dp ov1 , c 1 , and Sco . For the Sco allele: please search the gene snail ( sna ), and then find the allele sna Sco . ( 2 points ) al -Aristaless, aristale strongly reduced dp ov1  - oblique worker, reduced wing sizes by one third and oblique truncation c 1 - curved, fly wings curved downward Sco- Scutoid, flies lack the anterior scutellar and posterior scutellar bristles 2.For which if any flies in the Experiment 1 cross did the sex of the flies matter, and why? What genotypes would you expect to see from the cross if you reversed the sexes in that cross? ( 3 points ) In the model organism Drosophila melanogaster, only the female flies allowed for recombination in the progeny. As a result, the experiment only focused on the female flies so recombination frequency could be determined. If the sexes were reversed, only the parental genotype would be observed because recombination would not occur. The genotypes would be : al, dp, c/ Cyo Sco/ Cyo al, dp, c/al, dp,c  Sco / al, dp, c    3.For the flies seen in your F2 generation, which genotypes did you score, and why did you score only those genotypes as opposed to all the
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Burden, Sierra, Friday G, Genetics, Post Lab -...

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